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Sunday, January 1, 2012


So story of my whole entire life...I always intend to write/blog/ journal...more often. Then, I don't. This year probably wont be any different, but now i have a reason to blog. This is for you Cece ; ) I know i won't be able to blog as often as i would like, or as perfectly as i would like, but i AM going to do it dang it! Even if its a two liner once a month, im really going to try.

Today our church finally switched to 9am which is exciting for us since it is no longer right in the middle of nap time. So we are actually going to go now. So this morning i told Eisley that she was going to go to nursery and meet some new friends. To this she asked, "some new ones, not broken ones?" Oh man.....i could probably create a whole blog just on the cute things that she says.

I also resolve to exercise more (typical resolution i know). I at least need to get my abs stronger because today i was picking up Eisley and completely threw out my back. I am such an old woman. I better start working out before i bust a hip or something.


Becky said...

Wow....your baby is 9 months old already?? We need to make it a New Years resolution to at least see eachother once a year. ;) Eisley and Jude are adorable!

CeCe said...

Ok Andrea...I am calling you out on not keeping your New Year resolutions. Start posting on your blog!!! I want to know how my favorite sister-in-law is doing and how my amazingly cute niece and nephew are. Post something for me!!!